Friday, March 22, 2013

In reality love is.....

When a little girl or boy puts her or his energy to give a kiss to dad that is love


When a mother gives her child the best of everything that is love

When your sister or brother text you and ask whether you reach home on time that is love

When your close friend hold your hand closely on greasy path that is love

Love is not just guy and girl holding hand and going around the world.

It is caring too much affection between two hearts around the world!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Never miss that person one who loves you truly

when  fall in love, everyone feels an excitement at first
With full of romance and huge of caring instants…
And feel the world likes a dreamland heaven.
Later few days that excitement weakens away...
One still keeps on loving but another one feeling hurt
After few days passed ….
One has putting efforts of love and care….
But finally it leads to verge breaking relationship
Because of misinterpretation and ignorance of each other feelings
So keep in your mind always
Relationship does not showing more love at first stage
It should be loving and caring more and more each day passing
It should be making little fights but forget that fights and love back both…
Love each other and realize the beautiful life of their lives.
And never let go one who loves you so much
Always care and hold that hand closely one who love you
Never miss that person one who loves you truly
Because later you will realize when you miss that person…    !!!