Sunday, October 28, 2012

How much I miss you

If you wanna to know, How much I miss you…….
Simply open your both eyes,
And try to catch the rain drops  while  raining ,
Ones you catches in your eyes, it  showing how much YOU MISS ME!
Ones you miss from  your eyes, it showing how much I MISS YOU ……….. !!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Yes I am selfish

Yes I am selfish………
That’s why I think about you always,
That’s why I fear about lose you,
That’s why I miss u lot each and every moment,
That’s why I cry when you leave me alone,
That’s why I pray to god for make you happy always,
That’s why I wish forever one day you will be mine,
Because I love you so much, that’s why I am selfish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Endless love

Sometimes we quarreled without any silly reasons,
But I don’t know why we did like this??
After that quarrel I felt alone and I miss you lot….
And I am getting tears in my eyes….
 And felt pain in my heart, because I love you.
I weeping because I miss you and I miss your love.
And I feel always our love is so more valuable in the world
Sometimes I am scare I will twirl around and you won’t be present.
I think about you each and every seconds and miss u all day,
Still I love you more after that quarrel,
I know wonders of that you have also too much love with me…
And I see that true love in your lovely eyes.
 When I say something wrong or do any little funny things,
Please don’t feel fight is right, let’s try efforts to solve that quarrel.
Some people relationships are broken for silly reasons,
It’s sad to hear but in real that is true.
 But I don’t want break our true love with you dear.
I want our love to be completely fulfilled from our hearts without endless!!!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Can you feel

My dear beloved …..
I just want you to know something in my heart,
I am afraid if should lie again to you.
I never say lie with you please believe me,
My heart just for you, just I want you in life.

My dear beloved …..
In the calm darkness night ... I see the stars in the sky,
And I am feeling about dancing with you.
In the calm darkness night ... I see the moon in the sky,
I am singing a lovely song about our love.

My dear beloved …..
Do you believe me? But I am always trust you.
Do you think about me? But in no way I stop think about you.
Can you feel you are only for me???
Can you feel my love in my heart only for you always????
Can you feel…………..????????

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Last beat of my heart

Oh my dear true love….
My dawn sun rise sent from sky-scraping,
My brightness within myself every day,
Who fills that love in my heart always???
No one has pretty like you.
When you have awake from my mind,
My strength was only made by you love.
To my love behold me no one will do like this.
 You’re like a flower in my heart,
Blooming my mind and making joyful myself forever.
For your care blooming in my heart always,
As I whip when you away from me,
M_Y_L_O_V_E is for you forever,
It will never go away… until last beat of my heart !!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just call me….

When  you feel like crying
Just call me ….
I never promise, I will make u cheerful,
But I can also cry for you!!
When you desire to run away don’t  be scared
 just call me….
I never promise to leave  you alone ,
But I can care  you and  also run with you!
When you feel like to listen someone,
just Call me….
I promise to be I am here for you always,
And I am sure to be very calm!
But I am sure one day you will make.....
Without any reason
Get nearer fast to observe me, perhaps just I need a hug!

Monday, October 1, 2012

You are always in my heart

I keep you safe in my heart always, No one can make me happy in this world like you!
 I will care and show my love with you until my last breath .
When I being to fall in love with you it make me cheerful,
Let you know that reason?? Because you are my soul !
 I keep your love in my heart always , it so unbreakable to eliminate my love…..
I love you more than any other  one in the  world ,
And no more words enough to describe my love.
Just I wanna to sharing my feeling with you ,
And I can’t live alone with out  you  in the world !!