Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Miss You

I miss you lot, no more words I can’t say
How I am miss you in my life!
I think about you each and every second,
I am getting tears in my eyes every day at night,
Because I miss the way we scrape and making some funny.
I plead for you each and every day,
Because I miss you lot  and you aren't living being from my sight.
I am really missing your sweet voice,
That’s why I am terrible worn-out to avoid all this noises.
I miss to look your beautiful face with full of love in your eyes,
That makes me smile with a grace in my life.
I love you too much so I can’t rebuff,
When I see you my heart break down and my eyes weeping.
When I getting tears I feel happy,
After that I don’t any more fears and tears in my life.
I will take back you in my heart by proposing with my love,
That will make to my life happy with your love.
Oh dear how I miss you so much …… just feel my love !!

Friday, September 28, 2012

key to my heart

When I feel tears, just hear  my heart beat,

It too feeble for that love, I have fall in with you.

My love Will be always true in my heart.

I did some blunders, they crush in the past,

But I know my love will always end.

Still now we are a detachment at a distance ,

But you will have a key to my heart always......!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mother Love

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

You are mine

Just I want to be you are mine
You hurt me and after that you say sorry….
Again you hurt me and you say you don’t love me…..
Then why show you’re too much of love with me and why you ignore me now????
You treat me just like that a toy when you are bored play it after that you throw away …
You think me like that thing only you accept in need after you find it I am useless….
When you treat me like that my heart feel more pains each and every time!
But I still want to make you happy with my too much of  love …..
And I want stay in your heart always and WANT  TO BE YOU ARE MINE..!!!