Friday, August 31, 2012

warm hug

A cute little warm hug for you
It makes you smile and feel better when you feel lonely
It makes you joyful when you feel sad
Let you know life is wonderful
Now I have given a warm hug to you
Someway I believe better too!
Hug is better when you share your feeling……..
So leave behind  your loneliness and show your care and love
By sharing a Warm hug to your lovable one!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Only you and me

Hold my hand and let’s walk in this way,
With me anywhere mile from away,
In this world no people,
Only you and me here always!
Leave your privacy now,
Because I have you and you have me,
Simply just hold my hand,
To never go away again and let’s go way!
We will be together in the most horrible of squall,
Hole me tight and be in my side forever,
Lets we walk extra miles
No qualms and crushing shut down from this cruel world!
Just both of us walk entire way,
As one hand over in hand,   
Enjoying our life and finish all confusion,
Let’s go way once and for all to our lovable world…. Only you and me here always!

Friday, August 24, 2012

People Why not love a daughter?

A cute little girl write diary herself……
On 13th June I get emotionally involved with my mom
On 15th June I’m a hankie now.
On 30th June My mom said to dad you are going to be a dad.
My mom and dad are very cheerful at that split second.
On 15th July I had foods what my mom took.
On 15th September I can able to feel my heart beat.
On 14th October I have little legs, hands, head and tummy.
On 13th November my mom take ultra scan on that day.
WOW … wow….  I am a cute little girl baby!!!!
On 14th November I was dead
My mom and dad killed me.
Why they killed me??? Anybody know???
Because is it just I was girl!
Finally I want to raise one question to all 
People always love a mother, a wife and a girl friend in the world …. then why not a DAUGHTER????

Be true with you lovable one

Open your eyes

To see the loveliness around you!

Open your mind

To enjoy the wonders of life!

Open your heart

To that persons who fall in love with you!!!

And always be true to yourself with you lovable one!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

you goanna MAD

Don’t ever try to understand a Girl completely
If you try to understand……..
You will start fall in love with her or
Either you goanna MAD!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Selfless real love

A mother feed food to her lovely daughter but she didn't eat. After that mother called her husband … Please come here and make your lovable daughter to eat her food. So her dad hurried to scene and called her lovely daughter named dollu.

She looked afraid and tears were welling up in her eyes. In front of here a bowl contain with brim with curd rice.  Her father picked up the curd rice bowl and asking her daughter ….  Cute dollu why don’t you take a few tasty of this curd rice? She looking weakens and wiped her tears with the back of her hands and replied her dad…. OK dad I will eat but if I eat this whole curd rice will you give me back whatever I ask for????

Her dad agreed and secured the deal but he was little bit of nervous her daughter asking any kind of expensive things. And her dad said that don’t asking any kind of expensive things dollu because dad don’t have money right now OK? Dollu said no dad I don’t want anything kind of expensive things. She finished eating the entire measure.
Dollu came to her eyes wide with her father and said Dad I want to have my head shave off this Sunday and demand her dad. Dollu dad tribally shouter his wife watching too much television programs spoiled our culture totally …A girl child having her head shaved off???
Her dad convinced her why don’t asking for something else like that baby?  And I will be sad when I am seeing you with clean shaven head and please asking some others I will ready do it for you dear.  She said dad, you saw how hard it was for me to eat curd rice and you promised to scholarship me whatever I ask for but now you are reverse on your words dad and our promised must be kept dad. After that he couldn’t talk any more words with her daughter. And fulfilled her wishes clean shaved her head on Sunday.

On Monday morning dollu dad dropped her at her school and he was a view to look at her hairless head dollu walking near her school. Dollu turned around looking her dad with smile and her dad waved backside with smile. Just a few minute a cute boy alighted from a car and he shouted loudly Dollu please stay for me!! What a stuck that boy have hairless head. Her dad thought his self that’s why her daughter asked for clean shaved head.

A lady got out from that car and introducing herself with dollu dad ‘ Dollu is  great indeed’! And sustained her talk that boy who is walking with your daughter is my son Harish. He is suffering from leukemia diseases and he didn’t attend school for last one month. He vanish all his hair due to the side effects of the chemotherapy. He didn’t interested to come back school because he afraid the inadvertent unkind teasing of school mates. Your daughter dollu promised him that she will take care of teasing issues. But I can’t imagine dollu forfeit her hair for my son!

Lady blessed… your daughter blessed to have such a noble soul!! After that dollu dad stood fascinated and then wept her little angel teaching me how selfless real love is!!!!!!!!!
Happiest people in this world are not those who live on their own terms but those who change their terms for the ones whom they love!

Friday, August 10, 2012

letter to my love

Dear love.......
        Is that you? I see that gossip symbols and intellect of your presence with me always. I feel that happiness, laughter, joy, affection and excitement when you are with me. And I want to close with you more and more.  You are such as magnificent and mysterious creature in the world. You are arrive very quite without warming form out the clear blue sky, and entered in my heart suddenly and wordlessly. I hold and lock up you in my heart. Why do you hit at the door of my heart severe to be let in? After you enter in to my life you promise everything to be achieved and entry in my strong hold, strengthening my memory and speeding up my beats. Now you are with me always and  i feel that pain and love forever. When you are with me all the moments are cute and lovable memorable moments ……..! Thanks for adding beauty in my life with your true love!

With lots of love....
 Your love.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Don’t leave me

IF you say you don’t love me
If you say, you don’t care me
And if you say, you don’t want me
I will die at that moment!

I have waiting for someone in my life
And that someone is you
If I lose you by chance in my life
I will die at that moment!
Because you are my life!

You will know what I feel with you?
You will never know,
Because feeling in my heart and not for show.

You are everything in my life
I need you in my life forever.
Don’t leave me and please don’t go…….

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Raksha Bandhan bond of love and affection

Raksha Bandan is a bond of love and protection festival celebrated in India. It celebrates relationship between brothers and sisters. Rakhi Purnima is also the other name of Raksha Bandan. That festival celebrated by Hindus, muslims and Sikhs and it also celebrated some divisions in Pakistan. Raksha Bandan carnival involves binding of RAKHI or holy thread by sister on her brother wrist.  It symbolizes sister’s love and prayer for her brother well being and lifelong promise to care for her. In return brother offers a gift his sister traditionally he provide sweets to his sister. That festival celebrated on shravan poornima (full moon day) month of Shravan of Hindu lunisolar calendar of every year.

Most wonderful & powerful four letters word

Love is four letters word
It bunches more supremacy than any have heard?
Love can turn a glower into smile ,
And it makes our day more meaningful!
Love never fails and it never exhausts,
Makes more warm that many flames!
Love makes us prickle and walk on air,
Help us do things we couldn’t dare!
Love is a dream and delightful vision,
But it is also have precious life and realism!
Love know how to fly us up so sky-scraping,
Fall us low when it says goodbye!
Love is incredible and mysterious force,
But one we want to keep of course!
Love is don’t want live alone without,
Once it’s absent we will displeasure!
Love can go and return,
Before it better you will learn!
Love is perfect and right,
It may come along any day or any time!
YES Love is more than a four letter word,
It is the
most wonderful word you have heard!!!!!!!!!