Thursday, April 26, 2012

Don’t ever ignore true love.

A boy truly falls in love with the girl. But the girl is always hated him. One day he said that he will make changes her fall in love with him. So he decides to stand in front of her home until after those 100th days continuously. Storm and heavy rain came but he didn’t progress and stay here only. After seeing that girl started fall in love with him seriously on 99th day. So she determined to propose him she also fallen in love with him. Sun raise of 100th day the girl come out to propose but he wasn’t here. At that place she saw a letter written by him. He was written “Sit home and you will stay for another true lover. And I enclose fallen in love with your next door Neighbor.
Moral: Don’t ever ignore true love. if that love slips from your hand another one ready to getting it. So care your true lovable one still when you have getting that chance.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Love and mathematics maths fun

can you solve this problem???????????????


Its very simple!!!!!!! :) :) 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Don`t Possess Love

Utmost fault of love is trying to possess of your lovable one.
It will fall out of hand just like that water.
Love will repossess from yourself if you command and except.
The real part of love is to be liberated and not change nature of your lovable one.
If they are people love you, you will allow to be free desire.
But don’t command, give advice, except and order …..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Don't break my heart

If you love me truly resembling you told me,
Give pleasure to be suspicious and keep it safe my heart, when you take it.
After that just don’t break my heart, if u breaks it my world will go down spaced out.

I love you too

They are lot of ways to propose your love to beloved one
Sacrificing your precious time with your lovable one… sharing happiness and sorrow.
Being an excellent friend and exciting hope … end of life.
And thanks for giving that all to make my life with full of love and happy.
So I want to say I love you too...!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Love Your parents

Pencil told sorry to Eraser 
Eraser replied to pencil for what reason you have told sorry to me you did any error dear?
Pencil replied to Eraser no dear I have told sorry to you because you find hold ruin when I do mistakes. When I did mistake you always erase that mistakes and your also lose a part of yourself also. After that you getting smaller and smaller each time when I did mistake.
Eraser replied yes dear! It’s really true doing in reality mind. I have created for purpose of help you whenever you like you do a little mistake. Still however one day I gone I know that and you will be restoring me with getting new one.  I am really happy and pleasure with my work. So please stop worrying about me and I revulsion to see you looking gloomy. 

In this story conversation between pencil and eraser both are inspirational to all.  Like this story ouparents are eraser when their children are pencil when they doing errors they will fade away children errors. From time to time close the way to guide children and wipe out their errors. Parents get distress they become older and finally leave behind on. Nevertheless after their children will be conclude to find someone new that means married and new life with Spouse.  But parents are still happy and enjoying with what they did for their children. Always hate seeing their loved children looking worry about something. 
All my entire life I comprise the pencil and it caution me to see the eraser that my parents getting older each and every day. I well know with the purpose of one day all that I am left with possibly will be eraser splinter and reminiscences of what I worn to enclose.
“No one has known the love of their parents for us until they have become parents”